January 27, 2022

Lumify Care Has an Easy Fix to Improve Patient Care

This week's startup is improving patient care by supporting healthcare professionals.
A recent Penn graduate has created an easy fix to improve patient care. 

Patients in hospitals need a lot of rest to recover, but the busy clinical environment often prevents that from happening. This week’s startup has a brilliant idea to improve patient care.

🔥 What’s the Deal?

Consider the last time you were in the emergency room. The walls were bland. The air was cold. And if you were spending the night, nurses would enter every two hours to check your vitals  Unable to see at night, nurses are forced to turn on intrusive overhead lights. On average, incidents like these wake patients nine times per night.

While completing his nursing degree, Anthony Scarpone-Lambert noticed how at odds clinical environments were with comfortable, patient-centered experiences. Not only did patients regularly complain about the poor quality of sleep, but fellow nurses were frustrated they couldn’t provide the best care to their patients. This sparked the creation of Lumify Care.

Lumify’s first product, the uNight Light, is a wearable LED light that allows nurses to illuminate their workspace while decreasing patient disturbances by 70%. Despite nurses attempting to use lights on pens or headlamps from Amazon, current solutions are not conducive to the clinical setting. Since launching uNight Light in January 2021, Lumify Care has reached over 10,000 users in all 50 US states at over 100 hospitals and generated over $150,000 in revenue. The company now aims to launch two new products and has released Lumify Hub, a market aimed at increasing engagement, support, and satisfaction among frontline healthcare workers.

Anthony Scarpone-Lambert with the uNight Light

🚀 Fast Facts

Company: Lumify Care

Website: https://www.lumifycare.com/

Founded: 2020

Stage: Pre-Seed

Industry: Healthcare

SDG: #3: Good Health & Well-Being

Team: Anthony Scarpone-Lambert (CEO), Jennifferre Mancillas (COO)

Traction: Raised 125k pre-seed from Y-Combinator (S21), winner of Penn’s President's Innovation Prize

❤️ Why We Love It

  1. 📈 Unifying healthcare products into one digital hub. With 18 million healthcare professionals in the U.S. alone who purchase a variety of healthcare products—including the Lumify uNight Light—Lumify Hub’s marketplace unifies these brands and houses them in one convenient digital platform. Along with its marketplace, Lumify Hub offers access to different resources and communities to help support healthcare professionals.
  1. 📣 They are already making headlines. Lumify was recently recognized as one of Philly’s top 20 technology startups by Technical.ly's RealLIST Startups. Upon the launch of Lumify Hub, there were more than 3,000 sign-ups by healthcare professionals on the first day, and the company has brought on product partners including HelloFresh, Scribd, Eko, Clove, Jaanuu, Owala, and Stoggles.
  1. 🏥 Made by healthcare pros, for healthcare pros. Lumify’s team became the first nurse-led team at Y Combinator, an accomplishment that illustrates the need for more medical professionals to enter the startup space. “This is nursing innovation at its best. It’s not just the light alone, which nurses are thrilled with, but the whole package, created by someone looking through the nursing lens and with an on-the-ground understanding,” said Therese Richmond, the associate dean for research and innovation at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Nursing.

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